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Pottstown Eye Doctor - Dr. Joseph P. Ruskiewicz & Associates

Few eye care practices have the depth of experience and tradition of excellence that is the hallmark of Dr. Joseph P. Ruskiewicz & Associates, Optometrists. Since first opening our doors in Pottstown over 75 years ago, three generations of optometrists have made this practice into one of the premier offices for eye care, not just in Pottstown, but in all of the tri-county area of southeastern Pennsylvania (Montgomery County, Berks County and Chester County).

Dr. Ruskiewicz, whose optometry office occupies the entire building at 1100 Heritage Drive in Pottstown, PA, has been personally providing excellence in vision improvement and eye care to residents of the Pottstown area since he joined the practice in 1985 (see the History page of our website). As Dr. Ruskiewicz says, "There is no need for anyone to drive out of this area to get the absolute best in eye care, because I make sure it is available right here in Pottstown!"

News Flash: Congratulations to Dr. Danny Neitz of Royersford

Congratulations to Dr. Danny Neitz on finally making his move from the Royersford and Limerick area to the state of Oregon. We want patients of Dr. Neitz to know they are welcome in our office, which is only 10 minutes away from his old Royersford office...and that's a lot closer than driving about 43 hours from Royersford or Limerick to see Dr. Neitz in Oregon!

Dr. Danny Neitz has had a long relationship with Dr Ruskiewicz; Dr.Neitz worked part-time for Dr. Ruskiewicz when he first started his Royersford practice. More recently he started seeing patients again at the Sanatoga office of Dr. Ruskiewicz. Dr. Neitz has even referred patients from his Royersford office to Dr. Ruskiewicz for specialized testing. Mention you are former patient of Dr. Neitz to receive $25.00 off from glasses or contact lenses.

New Location, New Technology, Same Great Personal Service

Dr. Ruskiewicz's office is in a brand new building at 1100 Heritage Drive; it's actually in Sanatoga but everyone in Sanatoga has a Pottstown mailing address. The building was designed and built to Dr. Ruskiewicz's exacting specifications for his eye care and optometry practice and is just a few miles from his old location. The new office is less than one mile east of the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, and about three miles east of the prior location on King Street in downtown Pottstown. Dr. Ruskiewicz, his doctors and his staff invite you to share in their excitement about their new, state-of-the-art facilities.....more space and equipment allow them to give even better, more personal care, than ever before. The office even has free WiFi!

Did You Know Digital Imagery Of Your Eyes Can Save Your Life?

Our office now has the ability to track the health of your blood vessels, using the latest in retinal photography. Using this digital camera, we can take an actual photo of the blood vessels in the back your eyes (the retina). Recent research has shown that changes to these blood vessels can help determine the condition of blood vessels elsewhere in your body. The most common conditions detected with this procedure are diabetes, hypertension, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and certain types of stroke.

There is a sample photograph of an eye on the "Digital Imagery" page of this website - you can see the incredible detail that is captured in retinal photography. Be sure to ask about this exciting and potentially life-saving procedure when you visit our office!

Dr. Ruskiewicz Is Pottstown's Teaching Professional

In addition to his Pottstown eye care and optometric office, Dr. Ruskiewicz is also a teaching professional: he is an Associate Professor at Salus University, Pennsylvania College of Optometry. This is a tremendous benefit to the residents of the Pottstown area because the optometrists and staff at Dr. Ruskiewicz's office are kept completely current with the absolute latest technological advances in eye care and vision improvement.

You'll Look And Feel Your Best in Today's Glasses

Looking your best, and feeling great and confident about how you look, and of course having your vision corrected, is what everyone wants - and our highly-skilled, helpful, friendly staff will help you get there! Patients leave celebrating their improved vision, how they look and feel, and the value they received. Come see our designer line of frames including COACH, FENDI, ARMANI and SEAN-JOHN. We have many more to choose from, at prices that are comparable to the chain stores. Plus, our quality is unsurpassed by anyone else.

Many eye diseases can now be treated, even cured

Treatments today improve and retain vision in painless ways. Technologies that were unimaginable only a decade ago are now readily available to treat any number of problems. These include issues and challenges in eye care and vision like macular degeneration, diabetic eye problems, glaucoma, SLT and cataracts....and today there are even implant lenses that let you see far and near!

The Tri-County Area - Pottstown and Vicinity

For those unfamiliar with the Pottstown area, here is some general geographic information:

Pottstown has two zip codes, 19464 and 19465, and is the heart of what is referred to as the Tri-County area; where Montgomery County, Berks County and Chester County all come together. The Tri-County area has two major highways running through it; the Route 422 corridor runs basically east and west and has Target stores a few miles away in Oaks and Royersford, the Philadelphia Premium Outlet in Limerick (the Outlet Mall) and a Wal-Mart a few miles in the opposite direction in Exeter Township on the way to Reading. The Route 100 corridor runs north and south and has a Wal-Mart in Pottstown, a Target and Best Buy in Upper Pottsgrove and another Wal-Mart a few miles to the north in Bechtelsville. At the intersection of Route 422 and Highway 100, actually in North Coventry but still with a Pottstown zip code, is the Coventry Mall, anchored by Boscov's, Kohl's and Dick's Sporting Goods.

In addition to Pottstown (19464 and 19465), the communities in the Tri-County area of southeastern Pennsylvania that we serve include Sanatoga (19464), Upper Pottsgrove (19464) and Lower Pottsgrove (19464); Royersford (19468), Limerick (19468), Spring City (19475) and Trappe (19426); North Coventry (19465), South Coventry (19465), East Coventry (19465), Stowe (19464), Douglassville (19518), Birdsboro (19508) and Exeter Township (19606); and Gilbertsville (19525), Boyertown (19512), Bechtelsville (19505) and Barto (19504). Of course, many people live outside of these communities and drive to the Pottstown area to work or shop or visit friends and relatives, and they find it convenient to visit Dr. Ruskiewicz's office while they are here in the Pottstown area.

Vision / Optometrist Glossary

Optometry: the health care profession concerned with eyes and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information; the art and science of vision correction and eye care.

Doctor of Optometry (OD): those who have completed four years of postgraduate education and are primary health care professionals for the eye and vision.

Optometrist: a person who is a Doctor of Optometry (OD). Optometrists specialize in vision problems, treating vision conditions with eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids and vision therapy, and prescribing medications for certain eye diseases. Optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eye, prescribe glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids.

Ophthalmic: pertaining to the eye, or having to do with the eye. An ophthalmic ointment is designed for the eye.

Optician: a specialist in fitting eyeglasses and making lenses to correct vision problems. An optometrist performs eye examinations and writes prescriptions for corrective lenses; an optician fills that prescription.

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